TopMate Laptop Cooling Pad Gaming Clooer 5 Quiet Fans Blue Led Lights

TopMate C7 Laptop Cooling Pad Up to 15.6 Inch Gaming Laptop Cooler | 5 Quiet Fans with Blue Led Lights 2 USB Ports | Ocean Blue Trim Design

$29.99 $22.77

  • 【Excellent heat dissipation】 The laptop cooling pad is composed of four large 4.9in fans and one small 2.7in fan. Reasonable fan blade layout can increase wind output and provide better heat dissipation for your laptop.
  • 【LED screen + key control】 The laptop cooling pad has a small display screen and a button control panel. The screen displays information about various states. These buttons can adjust the fan speed and switch the fan mode.
  • 【Quiet fan】 Capacitor components are added to the fan blades of the laptop cooling pad, which can effectively reduce the high-frequency noise generated by the rotation without reducing the fan speed.
  • 【Prevent the laptop from falling】 The non-slip baffle is fixed on the back of the laptop cooler’s LED screen. You can remove and install it in the card slot to prevent the laptop from falling.
  • 【1-year warranty】Purchase this product and enjoy a 1-year warranty. If you encounter any problems while using the product, please contact us anytime.


Product Material : Plastic, iron net
Product Weight :1.74lb
Product Size :17*12*1in
Working Voltage :+5V 0.5V
Product Port :USB2.0
Fan Speed :Small Fan MAX 2500+/-10%RPM Big Fan MAX 1000+/-15%RPM
Key Mode :Button
Working Current :0.38A

Visible Working Status
Long press the power button to change 3 different fan operation modes(2 to 3 seconds).
The LCD screen displays information about various wind speed, allowing you to better know the status of fans, especially in dark conditions.
Quiet High-Speed Fan
Fans of TopMate laptop cooler are made of ABS material, keeps high speed while keeping low noise.
Metal Grid Radiator
Stainless honeycomb steel mesh surface for auxiliary heat dissipation. Smooth airflow and rapid cooling.
Better Heat Dissipation
When the cooling pad is working, adjust the bracket and raise the use angle, which is more conducive to blowing more cool wind.
More Firm Dual USB Ports
The 2 USB ports are reinforced to prevent them from falling off easily. Provides additional one ports to plug into other devices.


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