Topmate hexagon Scooter saddle-cushioned most comfortable sports bike saddle for men and women-suitable for long-distance travel and stationary bicycles riding



1.Ultra-wide and ultra-comfortable: With soft and comfortable inner lining, this large and comfortable bicycle seat cushion will help you shape and exercise. This comfortable bicycle seat will perfectly fit your body shape, thus making the riding process softer and longer.
2.An excellent alternative saddle-if you like to ride a bicycle but the pain and numbness you feel when riding makes you give up, this is the best bicycle seat that provides the comfort you need.
3.Comfortable engine-We designed the Topmate bicycle seat for the elderly, which can evenly distribute your weight on the seat, so you will not feel pain and pressure in the waist.
4.Spend less-most stock bike seats that come with new bikes are usually low quality, too narrow and uncomfortable. This is why upgrading to a soft upholstered bicycle seat is a huge investment. Whether you use it on a bicycle, road bike, mountain bike seat, hybrid bike seat or exercise bike seat, you can ride for a longer time and feel comfortable.
5.It is also suitable for Topmate scooters Es30, Es31 and Es32