TopMate C11 Laptop Cooling Pad Silver Wing Cooler, RGB Lighting Laptop Cooler Fan Compatible 11-17.3″ Laptop, 6 Fans Strong Wind and 7 Lighting Mode Adjustable Angle

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  • 【High Speed Fan】 The laptop cooling pad is composed of four small 2.5in fans and two large 3.9in fans. Small fan speed 2400RPM, large fan speed 1250RPM provides strong wind. Effectively reduce the temperature of your laptop.
  • 【7 RGB Lighting Modes】 There are extended RGB light bars on both sides. After the laptop cooling pad is powered on, it can distribute cool RGB lighting effect. Contains 7 kinds of lighting special efficacy, you can choose color breathing light or monochrome breathing light mode according to your personal preferences.
  • 【Quiet Fan】The 6 fans of the laptop cooling pad are all added with capacitor components to reduce working noise. The fan speed is not reduced, and no annoying noise is produced. Use 5V / 8V USB charging plug for power supply, the fan speed will be stronger!
  • 【5 Heights Adjustment + Mobile Phone Stand】5 kinds of adjustable height to choose. you can adjust the suitable angle to effectively relieve the fatigue of the cervical spine and neck according to your needs. The phone holder is stored on the left side of the laptop cooler base, you can expand it and place your phone to view information easily.
  • 【Craft Upgrade】 The base and shell of thermosetting plastic have better texture and are stronger at the same time. Laptop cooler is compatible with 11-17.3 inch laptop. The two USB ports are reinforced and matched with the braided wire USB cable, which will not fall off and loose easily. The 2 silicone sleeves are used to heighten the anti-skid buckle, which is suitable for large and heavy laptop.


Product Model: C11

Product Size: 410*296*43mm/16.15*11.66*1.7in

Size of fan(large): 100*100*15mm*2pcs 3.94*3.94*0.59in*2pcs

Size of fan(small):70*70*15mm*4pcs 2.76*2.76*0.59in*4pcs

Rated Voltage: DC 5V


7 reviews for TopMate C11 Laptop Cooling Pad Silver Wing Cooler, RGB Lighting Laptop Cooler Fan Compatible 11-17.3″ Laptop, 6 Fans Strong Wind and 7 Lighting Mode Adjustable Angle

  1. InvaderJay

    I’ve seen more than one person say you can’t turn the lights off, but you absolutely can!
    There is a button next to the Power Button that cycles between the 7 different light modes.
    If you HOLD that button down VOILA! The Lights are turned off or back on.

    Yes the Power Button ONLY turns off the Fans, but the Light Button when held, turns the lights on or off.

    Other than that, no complaints. It keeps my laptop nice and cool, not too loud, lights are cool, and you can incline your lappy if that’s your jam. Also comes with 2 usb ports in the back, all in all a pretty damn good fan.

  2. Justin

    Fans do a good job at cooling without a lot of noise. You can select different fan presets that will reduce air flow. This happens by turning some fans off and slowing fans down (not separately adjustable) RGB has a few presets but no solid colors and can not be customized outside of the presets. It does have a lcd screen to see the fan option selected. It does have a metal grated surface and is well built.

  3. kimber

    Five stars! Five MILLION stars!!!
    I work for a bank, so my hard drive is ridiculously encrypted.
    I have 3 versions of visual studio, ssms, and Oracle developer installed, each with a license specific to me – so imaging is out of the question. My laptop was *cooking*. The fan was in overdrive, but it was still burning up. Bought this to help save the hard drive from melting. It is damn near silent, and I’m in an office where it’s quiet. And my laptop is COLD. The fan is calmly chugging away its worthless contribution while this thing does all the work. Where has this thing been for the last 3 years?!? I’m buying more.

  4. Butch-n-Sundance

    With 6 fans, this is the best laptop cooler I have had. And it does keep the M2/SSD temp down to avg 38 degrees. Which without the cooler pad, the M2/SSD temps would get to 70+ degrees. And for SSD, constant high heat will shorten the life of an M2/SSD considerably. I even have a heatsink on the M2/SSD which helped, but this laptop cooler makes a much bigger difference in cooling. I would like to have a liquid cooler, but those are way too expensive. The other thing I like about it, is due to the type of material used for the grill, the laptop can be moved around without having to worry about it slipping off — no flip-up stopper needed. Since 90% of the laptop heat is out the back and bottom rear, I can move the laptop so it catches the most air movement. THANKS.

  5. Mariela Vera

    Cooling pad works well and I love how quietly the fans run. The lights are a nice addition but you can’t see them when your laptop is on it. The only issue I have with it is if you are sitting in a recliner or chair with this on your lap using your laptop it digs into your legs. A nice foam strip on the bottom would be an added plus. Overall I’m very happy with it though.

  6. SR

    I’ve had this for several months and it has been running continuously. I often forget it’s even there because it is so quiet. It has kept my laptop cool, and I love that I can change the colors for fun from time to time. I’m very satisfied with this purchase.

  7. The Chad

    I have my 17 inch gaming laptop on this thing all the time. My laptop is usually on the couch or on the bed so this helps provide air flow on those soft surfaces, even without the fans on this things helps. I only plug in the fans when I am gaming and boy does it help bring those temperatures down. Not loud at all and the red lights I barely notice since my laptop pretty much covers the entire thing. Highly recommend to anybody that has a laptop, especially a gaming laptop.

  8. jayci

    This was perfect for my husbands computer which is a larger laptop. The laptop was beginning to get hot some times and his fan motor was going. He was seeking something to help keep it cooler and this is great for that. You can hardly hear the fans running if at all. It has helped to cool off his computer without having to spend money on taking it somewhere to have it worked on. For now it has served the purpose with flying colors. It is easily adjustable for your desire on your computer. There are about 6 fans that operate. It actually fools an older laptop into thinking it works lol. BTW the computer fan motor stopped working at all. He can use his computer all day and into the night without any problems. So if you have a fan motor problem I highly suggest this for your laptop. I would try this first before taking somewhere. It has resolved my husbands laptop fan problems.

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