Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo, TopMate 2.4G Ultra Slim Compact Full Size Quiet Scissor Switch Keyboard and Mice Set for Windows, Mac OS, Laptop, PC – (Gray-Black)

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  • Stable 2.4GHZ Wireless Connection: Powerful and reliable connection up to 393.7in. Keyboard and mouse share a Nano receiver ( stored at the bottom of the mouse)without installing any additional software, plug and play.
  • Silent keyboard and mouse: The keyboard’s scissor keys provide better key feel and less noise. The mouse features two DPI levels (1200/1600), fast and precise, keep mute while maintaining sensitivity you need, never worry about disturbing others to rest while working or playing.
  • Ultra-thin and Portable:14.55×5.5×0.8in, 0.8in ultra-thin ABS plastic body, save space and easy to carry. Perfect for business travel, office, home, library and many public occasions.
  • Battery Included: Basic AA and AAA batteries are included in the keyboard and mouse, battery life between 3 and 5 months(varies by usage conditions).
  • Wide Compatibility & Great Customer Service: Compatible with Windows XP / ME/ Vista / 7 / 8 /10 operating systems. If quality problem occur within one year, we will replace the new one to you for free.


Color:Gray black
Keyboard Parameters
Dimension: (L)14.5in*(W)5.43in*(H)0.87in
Weight: 315±15g(0.69±0.03lb)
Button Resilience: 55±7gf
Button Service Life: 1000 Million Time
Power Requirement: 3V DC(Battery Powered)
Working Current: 5MA
Operating Conditions:
Temperature: -10℃—50℃
Humidity: Not Higher Than 85%RH

Mouse Parameters
2KEY+Scroll Wheel: 3D MOUSE
Power Requirement: 3V DC
Button Operating Force: 80±20gf
Switch Service Life: 5 Million Times
Operating Conditions:
Temperature: -10℃—50℃
Humidity: Not Higher Than85%RH
Sensor Copy Tracing Speed: 4500 times / sec
Switch Operating Force: 70±10gf
3D Button Operating Force: 100±20gf
Sensor Tracking Speed: 30 IPS
Weight: 65.6±10g(0.14±0.02lb)

If keyboard and mouse not response,please try following tips:
1.Turn off all 2.4G devices in your room and make sure the product indicator section is as close as possible to the Nano receiver.
2. Repair the keyboard:
(1) Unplug the receiver of computer.
(2) Press “ESC” and “= +” buttons about five seconds until the power indicator display red.
(3) Plug the receiver to the computer quickly before the red light is off at the same time.
3. Repair the mouse:
(1) Turn off the power switch at the bottom of the mouse.
(2) Unplug the receiver from the computer port.
(3) Turn on the power switch at the bottom of the mouse.
(4) ①Press the wheel button, the left button and the right button simultaneously. ②Then keep the USB Nano receiver near to the indicator light of the mouse, the red light will flash. ③Plug the receiver to the computer, keep the indicator light of the mouse near to the USB Nano receiver again.
(5) Note: If the code is not successful, please repeat these steps.

7 reviews for Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo, TopMate 2.4G Ultra Slim Compact Full Size Quiet Scissor Switch Keyboard and Mice Set for Windows, Mac OS, Laptop, PC – (Gray-Black)

  1. Erika D.

    This is exactly what I was looking for. This is a super quiet keyboard, plus the keys have a silicon cover to keep down the noise level of my fingernails striking the keys. It allows me to type notes during meetings without being disruptive. This does take a little more effort on keystrokes, and the reach is slightly different for some keys than on my previous keyboard, but I am adapting quickly and am nearly back up to my normal typing speed. Overall, I really love this keyboard.

  2. Debra

    I was looking for a sleek and stylish option to my old Logitech keyboard that had similar key feel to my Apple iPad Bluetooth keyboard. Also wanted something totally functional but not so big it took up half my desk. This one fits under the riser I purchased at the same time. Typing is fast and quiet. The bonus is the mouse. I like it way more than I expected. It’s also very quiet, moves effortlessly across the mouse pad and is also sleek and attractive. Couldn’t be more satisfied.

  3. John P Harin

    This keyboard and mouse share one USB and they work great. The mouse has a wheel, which is my preference. The keyboard is very light. Works great.

  4. Esther Campoverde

    I got this keyboard to replace one I bought at a retail store and have been VERY please with this purchase ever since.
    The battery life on this keyboard is incredible! I use it a little every day and I charge it once a month… and that’s just because it’s easy to do. I have yet to run the battery dead. It is extremely light weight and very sensitive. Typing on it is almost too easy! It is compact and fits nicely into a backpack along with the laptop. For as lightweight as it is, it is built very well. I wouldn’t recommend using it as sledgehammer, but it stands up to daily use very well. I’ve had absolutely no problems with connectivity or range – I’ve typed up to 20 feet from the laptop without missing a single keystroke.

    I gave it only 4 stars for “Ergonomics” because the shape is a very simplistic flat design. I wouldn’t say it is “comfortable” to type on, but it is in no way uncomfortable either. I would imagine if you make your living typing, you might want something with a bit more curvature. For the moderate amount of typing I do, it is just fine.

    Based on ease-of-use, functionality, and durability for the size, I would definitely buy this keyboard again!

  5. Sebastian Krajewski

    Got this for my work desk. It’s got great battery life especially if you turn it off at the end of the day. I use this for my 10 hr work days and runs perfectly for weeks before I have to recharge. I accidentally left it on for 3 days straight when on vacation, but when I returned to the office it was still charged and working well. I recommend this keyboard. I feel it’s money well spent!

  6. Andrew

    Better than expected. Really enjoy the touch of the buttons and mouse. Well made. Quick setup. Also the delivery was faster than expected/estimated (had standard delivery and international). Highly recommend!

  7. Bito

    Bought this for use in my new home office, needed to save space… Use the keyboard only out of this package but it is very nice construction and very compact perfect for what I needed.

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